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The Virginia POST Collaborative is a statewide partnership of regional and statewide organizations and individuals charged with designing and implementing POST pilot projects in communities across Virginia. POST stands for “Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment” and is modeled after the NATIONAL POLST PARADIGM.


The collaborative is made up of representatives from the various existing POST pilots across Virginia as well as representatives from:

  • Medical Society of Virginia

  • Virginia Department of Health (OEMS)

  • Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association

  • Virginia State Bar

The POST Collaborative also has an Executive Committee that is charged with the development and oversight of POST pilot projects.




In 2006, the Palliative Care Partnership of the Roanoke Valley (PCPRV) began planning, designing and implementing a POST Pilot Project for Virginia.

The PCPRV received funding through a Geriatric Training and Education grant to assist 10 Pilot Project Stakeholder (PPS) groups in Virginia to design and implement POST pilot projects in their communities. This grant is from the General Assembly of Virginia and administered by the Virginia Center on Aging at Virginia Commonwealth University.

In June of 2011, Sentara Leigh Hospital in Norfolk was the second pilot site for POST in Virginia and incorporated two adjacent Skilled Nursing Facilities, EMS in Norfolk and Virginia Beach as well as private medical transport into their pilot.

Since then, pilots have been established all over the state as POST gains acceptance in Virginia:


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